Dr Tim Jardine - Canada’s freshwater deltas as complex and vulnerable social-ecological systems.

Réalisation : 21 février 2021 Mise en ligne : 21 février 2021
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In north-western Canada, glacial retreatleft behind large lakes that led to the development of three massive freshwaterdeltas (Peace-Athabasca, Slave and Saskatchewan).  The productivity of these delta floodplains drewboth wildlife and humans, leading to strong cultural connections to thelandscape and economic opportunities through the fur trade, fisheries andguiding. But throughout the 20th century, upstream water resource developmentcoupled with oil and gas exploration has altered the quantity and quality ofwater entering the deltas, affecting plant and animal populations, livelihoods,health and social relations.  In thispresentation, I will offer an overview of the challenges facing these deltasand how a transdisciplinary approach has shed light on problems and potentialsolutions for these special places.


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