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LESTUDIUM. (2021, 21 janvier). Nupur Prothi Khanna - Cultural landscapes of Water systems in Asia , in Managing riverscapes and flow regimes for biocultural diversity. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 23 juillet 2024)

Nupur Prothi Khanna - Cultural landscapes of Water systems in Asia

Réalisation : 21 janvier 2021 - Mise en ligne : 11 février 2021
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Inthis ‘SDG Decade of Action” we are aiming to facilitate a nature-cultureorientation related to water wisdom with a focus on our young citizens.Traditional knowledge related to water has endured over time to bridge the voidbetween the past and the present, offering a means to facilitate uniquesolutions to urban problems of flooding and drought. Our response to naturalwater systems within urban extents communicate our diminishing sensibility andtraditional ethos of our natural and cultural heritage. How then can we marchon in making a difference on ground in traditional cultures enabling youth to usethe memory of our rich past in safeguarding their future. 

As cities today seek to reclaimtheir riverfronts, a rare opportunity is offered to restore past glory and tocreate more sustainable communities. Waterfront projects offer a tremendousopportunity to direct riverfront revitalization efforts that can weave local streamsand younger populations. Showcasing good practice projects is one possibilityto (re)connect the historic and sacred aspects of water systems with indigenous,local or migrant communities within the built environment. An adequate responseto our water systems with an eye on climate effective action will define thequality of life that we offer to our youth and children.

 In this presentation I will bepresenting our perspective on riverfutures through some good practice projectsin Asia.

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