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1 - PublicDemoS New Forms of Public Agency

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Les chapitres

1 - PublicDemoS New Forms of Public Agency

Public space is the place for assembly, the hub of democracy as well as the manifestation of power and (dis)empowerment of persons. PublicDemoS Project explores the ways in which new forms of public agency extend politics to everyday life experiences by avenues of artistic expressions and aesthetic forms. The core aim of this project is to understand new politics of performative citizenship and public (un)making in multicultural settings.

Project Directed by Nilüfer Göle

EHESS/NOMIS Foundation

Interviews :

1.    Boyan Znepolski, Associate Professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Sofia St. Kliment Ohridski, Bulgaria
"Do you agree with the idea that public space movements are challenging the global order ?"

 2.    Pablo Ouziel,
Assistant Professor of Political Science at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology in Islamabad, Pakistan
"You speak about horizontality of civic power, can you explain it a little bit ? Why the governments can’t tolarate horizontality and impose vertical power ?"

 3.    Gökçe Tuncel,
PhD. student in Sociology at EHESS
"Can tell us about the actors of public square movements and particularly the role of football fans ?"

 4.    Tom Junes, Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy
 "Can you talk about the role of youth and students in public space movements in Ukraine and Poland ?"



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