4 - PublicDemoS Public Space Democracy

Durée : 00:07:54 -Réalisation : 13 octobre 2017 -Mise en ligne : 13 octobre 2017
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International Study Group on Norm Conflicts and Art Forms in the (Un)Making of Publics

Meeting, Friday 13 October 2017

Public sphere, as an ideal type, has been conceptualized as a discursiverealm, enlightened sphere of ideas, opinions and rational debate in anational democratic context. In the contemporary era, culturalheterogeneity and global connections challenge the unity of nationalcommunities and its norms. Art becomes part of norm conflicts and revealsthe controversial dimensions of the public sphere. We will explore pluralityof perspectives in multicultural settings for the emancipatory potential ofthe public sphere. 

Interviews :

- Yaman Kayaba (Master 2, INALCO) 

Camil Ungureanu(Associate professor at theUniversitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)

- Nadia Fadil (Assistant Professor at the IMMRC at the Universityof Leuven)

Marina Repezza (PhD. Candidate, EHESS-CESPRA)





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