Lecture 2 : « The macro-areal profile of Afrabia »

Durée : 01:25:57 -Réalisation : 26 mars 2019 -Mise en ligne : 26 mars 2019
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« Areal linguistics in Africa before a new approach to its genealogical language classification », Lecture 2 : « The macro-areal profile of Afrabia », Tom Güldemann (Humboldt University – Berlin) LABEX EFL SEMINAR

Chaire Internationale 2019 : Le Labex accueille le Professeur Tom Güldemann - Université de Humboldt (Berlin)

In addition to his first comprehensive genealogical classification of African languages, Greenberg (1959, 1983) is also the first author to deal with a fuller areal survey of the continent. This work was followed by Heine’s (1975, 1976) continent-wide survey of word-order patterns. This lecture provides an updated survey of macro-areal feature aggregations in Africa based on similar research resumed since the late 1990s by Güldemann (e.g., 1998, 2005, 2008, 2010) and Clements and Rialland (e.g., 2008). A wider areal-linguistc approach to Africa, which should include the Arabian Peninsula, must not only recognize contact-induced zones of convergence but also large areas formed by linguistic spreads as well as areas characterized by more stable linguistic diversity. The macro-areal profile emerging from this perspective will be discussed, including potential geographical correlates.

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