Conférence- Yaron Matras part.3 "Borrowing hierarchies : a problem of epistemology

Réalisation : 20 septembre 2018 Mise en ligne : 20 septembre 2018
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Part 3: Borrowing hierarchies: A problem of epistemology ?

In this part I review proposals for implicational hierarchies of contact induced change in grammar, and discuss sampling methods and the role of quantitative and qualitative generalisations. After a review of similarities and differences between the arguments put forward by different authors, I discuss the functional rationale behind the postulation of borrowing hierarchies as a window to the layered structure of the grammar faculty, and contrast that approach with the one that advocates that 'anything can be borrowed' and is dismissive of both our ability to make generalisations about borrowability, and of the usefulness of such generalisations. I argue that, rather than revolve around the details of individual structures or of the sampling methods employed, the debates surrounding borrowing hierarchies in fact address the core of the very purpose of theorising on contact linguistics.

Conférence enregistrée le jeudi 20 septembre 2018


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