"The origins of nominalizations cross-linguistically" Sonia Cristofaro (University of Pavia) Labex EFL Seminar

Durée : 01:48:32 -Réalisation : 14 juin 2017 -Mise en ligne : 14 juin 2017
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Chaire Internationale 2017 : Le Labex accueille le Professeur Sonia Cristofaro - Université de Pavie (Italie)

Nominalizations have mainly been investigated in a synchronic perspective. The available diachronic evidence about the development of<br>different types of nominalizations cross-linguistically poses some major challenges for traditional assumptions about nominalization in general. Nominalization is usually regarded as special strategywhereby some usually non referring expression is treated as a referring one. In many cases, however, the distinguishing structural properties of individual nominalization types are a result of the original structure of the source construction, rather than some special treatment of particular expressions.This, however, need not be the case for all nominalization types. This suggests that traditional criteriafor nominalization do not actually capture a unified phenomenon, but rather a series of constructionsthat originate through different mechanisms and are motivated in terms of different principles.

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