Tatiana Chernigovskaya

Chernigovskaya, Tatiana (19..-....)

Date de naissance
Langues d'expression
Spécialiste de Physiologie et de linguistique. Professeure au département de Linguistique et au département de médecine de l'université d'Etat de Saint Pétersbourg (2004)

Tatiana CHERNIGOVSKAYA is professor in the Department of General Linguistics and the Department of Medicine at St. Petersburg State University. She is also on faculty at Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and European University in St. Petersburg. Dr. Chernigovskaya holds doctoral degrees in Human Physiology and Linguistics from Sechenov Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Her current research interests include the cerebral basis for linguistic and cognitive functions; language evolution and acquisition; modes of thinking and types of consciousness; artificial intelligence and mental lexicon organization.