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Camille BONNEMAZOU (Réalisation), FMSH-ESCoM (Production), Tatiana Chernigovskaya (Intervention)
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Tatiana Chernigovskaya. FMSH. (2004, 8 juin). Biosemiotics, Neurosemiotics and Language acquisition , in CHERNIGOVSKAYA Tatiana. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. https://doi.org/10.60527/5anm-cx95. (Consultée le 14 juillet 2024)

Biosemiotics, Neurosemiotics and Language acquisition

Réalisation : 8 juin 2004 - Mise en ligne : 20 octobre 2004
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Tatiana CHERNIGOVSKAYA is professor in the Department of General Linguistics and the Department of Medicine at St. Petersburg State University. She is also on faculty at Smolny College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and European University in St. Petersburg. Dr. Chernigovskaya holds doctoral degrees in Human Physiology and Linguistics from Sechenov Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.Her current research interests include the cerebral basis for linguistic and cognitive functions; language evolution and acquisition; modes of thinking and types of consciousness; artificial intelligence and mental lexicon organization.

Curriculum Vitæ of Tatiana  CHERNIKOVSKAYA

1970 : Graduated from Philological faculty of St.Petersburg State University, majored in Experimental Phonetics. Additional university courses in Psychology, Sensory Physiology, Sensory Psychology, Brain Sciences and Neurolinguistics.
1977 : Ph.D. in Human Physiology at I. Sechenov Institute
1993 : Doctor of Science in Linguistics and in Human Physiology at I. Sechenov Institute.
Since 1972 : Working for I.Sechenov Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences.
Since 1995 : Professor of the Department of General Linguistics and of the Department of Medicine in St. Petersburg State University
1997 : Standing for corresponding member of Russian Academy of Sciences

Teaching courses in Psycho- and Neurolinguistics; special seminars on cerebral asymmetry for language and cognition. Supervisor for graduate, post-graduate and Ph.D. students; consulting teachers and speech therapists.
International Neuropsychological Society
International Language Origins Society
International Society of Phonetic Sciences
European Speech Communication Association
International Semiotic Studies Association
Russian National Association of Artificial Intelligence
Russian National Physiological Society
Russian Association of Speech Pathology
Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg
A member of the Steering Committee of the Nordic Neurolinguistic Network (NORFA)

Member of the editorial board of Journal of Language and Language Behavior (ISSN 1560-2974) and of Sensory Systems (ISSN 0894-4520)
1993 : Cultural Norms: A Multiple View, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1993 : Annual Meeting of the Language Origins Society, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1995 : Russian-American Conference 'Sensory Biology and Biosensors: Evolutionary Perspective, St. Petersburg, Russia.
1999 : Nordic Neurolinguistic Network Workshop, St. Petersburg, Russia.

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