“Will the European Union build the Data Commons?”

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Paul Keller (Open Future), “Will the European Union build the Data Commons?”
We are mid way through the term of the current European Commission with means we are also mid way though the European Data  Strategy that is a cornerstone of the EU digital agenda. This presentation will examine the state of the various legislative proposals that have been adopted (Data Governance Act) and are under discussion (the Data Act). It will also look at the efforts of the Euroepean Commission to build Common European Data Spaces. Do all these elements offer the building blocks to realised the idea of a (European) data commons? And how can we contribute to make this a reality?
Bio. Paul Keller is the Director of Policy at Open Future. He has almost 20 years of experience as a media activist, open policy advocate and systems architect to improve access to knowledge and culture. A political scientist by training, Paul has a deep understanding of the digital transformation’s political, social and legal implications. Paul is a founding member and current president of the COMMUNIA association for the Public Domain, sits on the advisory board of the Europeana Foundation. Depending on the task, he can shape-shift between being a systems architect, a lobbyist, an activist or a cyclist. More here

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