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Brian D. Joseph (Intervention)
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Brian D. Joseph. LACITO. (2008, 2 octobre). conférence du Professeur Brian Joseph | On the Need for History in Doing Balkan Linguistics. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 27 février 2024)

conférence du Professeur Brian Joseph | On the Need for History in Doing Balkan Linguistics

Réalisation : 2 octobre 2008 - Mise en ligne : 20 avril 2022
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The field of Balkan Linguistics is concerned with the patterns of structural and lexical convergence that can be found to hold in and among various languages of Southeastern Europe. It is in some sense quintessentially an historically oriented discipline, since virtually all of the convergence to be noted represents a divergence in each language away from an earlier quite different state. At the same time, though, many investigators into matters of the Balkan "Sprachbund" convergence seem to take a purely synchronic typological approach, measuring the languages against one another with regard to various existing structural features they may show. It is argued here that while such a line of inquiry into the Balkan languages is useful, it cannot be done without some sense of history accompanying it. Several examples are discussed here in which a failure to take into account the historical background of a given convergent feature leads to quite erroneous results. In the end, history is vindicated, and is shown to play a key role in understanding Balkan convergences, in all their dimensions.


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