Olivier Joubert - Brief Overview of Current French Hydrogen Research Activities, Focus on Materials

Durée : 00:41:27 -Réalisation : 17 juin 2021 -Mise en ligne : 17 juin 2021
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Twenty years ago, the French scientific community working in thefield of hydrogen, started to federateunder the leadership of the CNRS. It took the form of successive ResearchGrouping (GdR) bringing togetherexperts in solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), proton exchange polymer membrane (PEMFC) fuel cells, hydrogen storage andsystems mainly from CNRS but also from CEA. These GdRs promoted and structured an interdisciplinaryfield of research with excellent results.


SinceJanuary 1st of 2020, the CNRS community has formed the Research network onHydrogen energy (FRH2) based on theactive nucleus of the former GDR laboratories (29 laboratories) with about 300 researchers and professors. Anew organization, "from material to system", more visible from industries has been set up aroundfour main technical axes, the production of hydrogen, its storage, and its conversion intoelectricity for mobile and stationary applications and around 2 transversal axes, education andtechnological platforms. The first part of the presentation will give a brief overview of this french CNRSresearch network on hydrogen energy including some highligts for eachaxes.

The second part will be dedicated to the development ofmaterials used in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC)and more precisely to the ceramic electrolyte: optimization of themicrostructure of the material via accurate monitoring of the synthesis and temperature treatment steps.


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