Challenges and opportunities in materials for green energy production and conversion

Réalisation : 15-17 June
Mise en ligne : 17 juin 2021
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The production of green and renewable energy plays a key role in all future energy scenarios towards the zero-emission transition that has to be tackled in the next 30 years. The rapid inter-conversion of electricity into chemical energy offers an important avenue for the use of renewable energy to replace fossil fuels. The generation of electricity in fuel cells from the electrochemical reaction of H2 and O2, coupled with the photoelectrochemical water splitting to produce oxygen and hydrogen gases and the valorization of CO2 through its conversion into solar fuels are also strongly related with the concepts of circular economy. Hence, the study of materials able to efficiently harvest and transform solar energy is highly necessary. Moreover, due to the intermittent character of the solar energy, adequate energy storage and conversion strategies are also needed. This conference, organized by LE STUDIUM Loire Valley Institute for Advanced Studies, in collaboration with CEMHTI (UPR 3079 CNRS), Conditions Extrêmes et Matériaux: Haute Température et Irradiation, has the aim to gather international and national experts in the field of materials science whose works are contributing to electrochemical and photoelectrochemical approaches for clean energy production and conversion.

This international conference is organised in the framework of the LAVOISIER ARD 2020 Programme.

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Sixto Malato - Solar photocatalytic hydrogen production at pilot scale
Sixto Malato - Solar photocatalytic hydrogen production at pilot scale

Solar energy is well-recognized as a sustainable and clean energy source. Among the various approaches to solar energy conversion, solar-driven hydrogen production is one of the most promising ways