Alejandro Anson-Casaos - Photoelectrochemical characterization of C/TiO2 and C/ZnO nanomaterials in aqueous electrolyte

Durée : 00:23:55 -Réalisation : 16 juin 2021 -Mise en ligne : 16 juin 2021
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Carbon nanostructures, includingsingle-walled carbon nanotubes, reduced graphene oxide, and carbon dots, areinserted in TiO2 and ZnO photoanodes with the aim of improving theiractivity. For the electrode assembly, TiO2 or ZnO nanoparticles, aswell as carbon nanomaterials, are dispersed in a liquid and deposited on FTO byspray coating. Various mixed and layer-by-layer electrode configurations areconsidered. As-prepared electrodes are evaluated by photoelectrochemical (PEC)techniques, mostly cyclic voltammetry and transient photocurrent measurements.


The insertion of the carbon componentimproves the photocurrent response depending on the measurement conditions,specifically the electrolyte pH and the presence of methanol as a holescavenger. Therefore, hybrid carbon/semiconductor metal oxide nanomaterials canbe applied in PEC processes for the production of hydrogen and the degradation oforganic pollutants in water.


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