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LESTUDIUM. (2021, 17 juin). Athanasios G. Konstandopoulos - Material and Reactor Technologies for Solar Fuels , in Challenges and opportunities in materials for green energy production and conversion. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 21 février 2024)

Athanasios G. Konstandopoulos - Material and Reactor Technologies for Solar Fuels

Réalisation : 17 juin 2021 - Mise en ligne : 17 juin 2021
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The synthesisof carbon-neutral/zero-carbon footprint fuels via solar thermochemicalprocesses (“Solar Fuels”) represents a promising approach for the realization ofa sustainable energy future. These high temperature processes (effected byconcentrated solar technology) “regenerate” streams of “dead hydrogen” (H2O)and/or “dead carbon”, CO2, through thermochemical Water (WS) and/orCarbon Dioxide Splitting (CDS) into H2 and CO respectively, aftercontact with oxygen-deficient, “redox” materials that are thus re-oxidized.Subsequently thermal reduction of the material is applied, by raising thetemperature at a higher level, thus establishing a two-step cycle. Solar CO andH2 can be converted into solar fuels through gas-to-liquid catalyticprocesses. In this work, we summarize Material and Reactor Technologiesfor the development of solar fuels.  Theapproach entails the identification of attractive candidate material families(exhibiting redox behavior) exploiting the potential of computational chemistrybased on ab initio calculations.Subsequently the desired materials are synthesized employing advancedmanufacturing methods to generate tailored compositions/architectures.  These are shaped into structured reactor formsvia various techniques and their performance is assessed under realisticconditions in the lab and at in-house and field-based, solar testingfacilities.


We acknowledge support of this work by NSRF project MIS 5002704 PROMETHEUS(Greece & EU ERDF).

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