Dr Sophie Berland - Probing the mechanical properties and biochemical defence offered by shell matrix proteins in bivalves

Réalisation : 24 mars 2021 Mise en ligne : 24 mars 2021
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Calcium carbonate is paired up with shellmatrix proteins in the suited organo-mineral outer shell in molluscs. Advancedknowledge in the shell proteome is achieved with the development of proteomicsproviding insights in the biological control of biomineralization at the shellside. Four bivalve species of distant kinship were subjected to proteomics forsequence and function pattern analysis of their retrieved shell matrixproteins. Domains ruling for calcification mechanisms, e.g. carbonic anhydrase,chitin binding and tyrosinase remained common in all the species signing sustained calcifying control proteins. Othershell proteins were fitted with functions beyond mineralization of which withrelationship to immunity and especially the phenoloxidase pathway.

Some populations of M. edulis, have adapted to the low saline Baltic Sea conditions,resulting in peculiar phenotype towards shell dawrfism with oversizeperiostracum, increased organic content and disorganized mineralized layers.The shell proteome was analysed with focus on the modulation of the shellproteins as a meaning of adaptive response to unbalanced conditions for shellcalcification. Interestingly, proteins with immunity-related domains appearedmodulated.


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