One Love Burkina by Éliézer Oubda

Durée : 00:37:32 -Réalisation : 11 novembre 2020 -Mise en ligne : 11 novembre 2020
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Éliézer Oubda presents the video making off of Bob Markey's One Love cover that he produced in his Hope Muziks Studio in Ouagadougou with local musicians, and singers and rappers from different ethnicities of Burkina Faso. Featuring the main languages of the country, this production aims at unifying West Africa and communicating a message of peace in response to the security crisis that is on-going in this part of the world. Oubda explains that he is in the process of making an international version of the cover with famous artists from West Africa and elsewhere, to spread the message of peace worldwide and to inform international communities about the perspective of Burkinabe people on the political situation of Africa. Workshop attendees praise de mix and the meaning of the production, and ask questions about Oubda's editing, micing, signal processing, and mixing techniques, as well as his workflow with the artists.

Éliézer OUBDA

Lieu de réalisation
University of Victoria
Langues :
Anglais, Français
Amandine PRAS (Traduction), Amandine PRAS (Organisation de l'évènement), Kelsey TAYLOR (Publication), Kirk MCNALLY (Organisation de l'évènement)
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