Céline Murillo (Université Sorbonne Paris Cité), “The Mimic Indians in Westerns : a Transnational Concept”

Réalisation : 15 novembre 2018 Mise en ligne : 15 novembre 2018
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When Nobody, the native American character in Dead Man (JimJarmusch, 1995), recounts his travels as “an exhibit” in Europe, he explainsthat, to avoid attracting the attention he started to imitate the people aroundhim.  He declares: “I mimicked them”. Homi Bhabha post-colonialconcept of “mimic men” (The Location of Culture, 1994, p.125) is linkedto language politics in 19th century India, where an elite waseducated in English only, as demanded by Thomas Babington Macaulay in his"Minute on Indian Education" (1835). Mimic men are essentiallytransnational as their identity straddles the gap between colonized (orformerly colonized) countries and the metropolis, but also because their casemay apply to any native inhabitants when forced or lured to speak the languageof more recent settlers. This talk will analyze the representation of Indiansspeaking English and of English language education in various Westerns and theirtransnational implications.



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