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Jacques DELAYE (Réalisation), Kengo Kuma (Intervenant)
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Kengo Kuma. ENSA de Lyon. (2013, 5 novembre). Conférence de Kengo KUMA - The power of location , in 2013-2014. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 30 novembre 2023)

Conférence de Kengo KUMA - The power of location

Réalisation : 5 novembre 2013 - Mise en ligne : 5 novembre 2013
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20th century was the age when architecture turned to gigantic commodities circulating around the globe. In 90s, I was thinking hard if any architecture could be possible that transcend economic waves. Then I concluded it should be a conduct of design that puts its location first before anything else. You use materials available only from that place, work with local specialists who know the site inside out, create a building that harmonizes with the climate and environment of the place and is truly wanted by the people. Working in this way also reinforces their local economy. Now the world is paying more attention to such movement towards “regionalism.”Now, we learned that it must be a movement to aim at true independence of each town, including solution of energy issues. What can architecture and design do to achieve this? That was the message we received from our mother nature. We now must put your place in the centre.


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