Afghan Migration: Global and Local Perspectives

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Afghan Migration: Global and Local Perspectives

4th November 2021, Thursday 16.30 - 20.00

Organizers: IFEA & GAR


Afghan migration has re-appeared on the political agenda and public media, following the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban in August 2021. In the contexts of Turkey and Europe, this coincided with the rise in hate discourse and anti-refugee sentiments. The hostile attitude towards in host countries did not hinder movement, as thousands of Afghans struggle to escape from the political instability in their country. In fleeing, they join the 2.2 million Afghan refugees already settled in neighboring countries. 

The Afghan exodus necessitates a deeper understanding that takes into consideration both global and local perspectives. For this aim, IFEA and GAR jointly organize a half day event (in hybrid format) in order to better discuss multiple aspects of Afghan migration. Our objective is to shed light on Afghan migrants' present situation and future prospects with the participation of experts on these topics. 

The event starts with a panel composed (in order of appearance) of Prof. Orhan Deniz, Dr. Sibel Karadağ and Dr. Angeliki Dimitriadi who will discuss the situation of Afghan migrants at different points of their migration journey, namely in Van, Istanbul, and Greece, respectively. It will be followed by a keynote speech by Prof. Alessandro Monsutti, who will provide a tour du monde on Afghan mobilities based on his more than two decades of research in this field. 

Simultaneous Turkish-English translation will be provided during the conference.



16.30-16.45 – Welcome speech

16.45-17.45 PANEL

Prof. Orhan Deniz (Van 100. Yıl Üniv)

Border crossing practices of Afghan migrants in Van and their strategies to hold on in the city

Dr. Sibel Karadağ (Kadir Has Univ & GAR)

Ghosts of Istanbul: Afghans at the Margins of Precarity

Dr. Angeliki Dimitriadi (ELIAMEP) – The situation in Greece

In limbo and unwanted: Afghan refugees in Greece

16.45- 18.15 – Q&A

18.15-18.30 – Pause

18.30-19.15 – Keynote speech : Alessandro Monsutti

 “Homo itinerans: Towards a Global Ethnography of Afghan Mobilities”

19.15- 20.00 – Q&A

19.45-20.00 – Closing remarks

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Didem Danış (Intervenant), Alessandro Monsutti (Intervenant), Orhan Deniz (Intervenant), Sibel Karadağ (Intervenant), Angeliki Dimitriadi (Intervenant)
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