Jesus Iniesta - Electrochemical and structural characterization of mixed matrix membrane coated electrodes for CO2 electroreduction

Durée : 00:30:15 -Réalisation : 15 juin 2021 -Mise en ligne : 15 juin 2021
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The need fornovel membrane coated electrodes (MCE) for the electrochemical reduction ofcarbon dioxide (CO2RR) may offer advantages in terms of control of reaction,catalytic activity and stability of the electrode. The study of thepossibilities of mixed matrix membrane (MMM) overlayers with tuneableion-exchangeable, conductive and transport properties are essential targets forthe performance of the MCEs for electrochemical applications. The knowledge onthe effect of local pH and CO2 concentration diffusion to catalyst site, amongothers, on the selectivity of the CO2 electroreduction to highadded-value products under alkaline conditions, especially when using Cu ascatalyst, is still scarce. The communication aims at evaluating therelationship of the synthesis and morphological characterization of the MCEsand the electrochemical characterization of novel based copper-containing MMMCEwith high CO2 permeability, chemical and mechanical stability inalkaline solutions, on the performance, selectivity and stability of electrodesin CO2RR. Cyclic voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy willgive insight about the electrochemical behaviour pf MCEs in comparison with thetypically used gas diffusion electrodes (GDEs) prepared with commercialionomers. Preliminary electrolysis for the CO2RR will reveal the significantimpact of the presence of the polymeric membrane overlayer on the efficiencyand selectivity of CO2RR.



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