Dr Jeba Jesudoss Chelladurai - P-glycoproteins of Toxocara canis: characterization of expression and pharmacological activity

Réalisation : 29 novembre 2021 Mise en ligne : 29 novembre 2021
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The interaction of the macrocyclic lactoneswith P-glycoprotein have been well-characterized in different ascarids and havebeen implicated in drug resistance. While adult stages of the canine ascarid Toxocaracanis do not exhibit resistance, somatic larvae have been tolerant of themacrocyclic lactones, except when used at very high concentrations. The role ofdrug efflux proteins this tolerance phenomenon is not completely understood. Wedemonstrate the expression of P-gp pumps in hatched and mouse liver-derived T.canis larvae, and explored the interaction of hatched larvae with P-gpfluorescent substrate in the presence and absence of P-gp inhibitors. Wefurther cloned and characterized the pharmacology of Tca-Pgp-11. Taken together,our data demonstrates that T. canis P-gps could represent exploitabletargets in the control of this canine ascarid.



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