Dr Mustapha Si-Tahar - Towards a metabolic anti-influenza therapy

Réalisation : 25 septembre 2020 Mise en ligne : 25 septembre 2020
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Influenza Avirus (IAV) is the etiological agent of a contagious acute respiratory disease,which is associated with high morbidity and mortality. This virus also causes a considerablesocio-economic burden despite annual vaccination campaigns. To help designinnovative antiviral therapies, it is essential to better understand IAV-hostcells interaction. In that regard, recent studies revealed the interplaybetween metabolic and immune signaling pathways.

In this communication,I will present evidence that IAV alters lung tissues metabolism and I will showits functional consequence. Remarkably, we recently identified one metabolitethat accumulates in the airways of IAV-infected hosts and which exhibits apotent antiviral activity, as assessed using both in vitro and in vivoapproaches. I will also present the underlying inhibiting molecular mechanism thatinvolves a specific post-translational modification process and an inhibition ofIAV replication cycle. Hence, my presentation will highlight metabolites as novelcomponents of the lung antiviral arsenal.


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