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LESTUDIUM. (2020, 25 septembre). Dr Antoine Guillon - Flagellin-based antibacterial strategy and clinical perspectives , in Novel host- and microbiota-directed strategies for treating respiratory infections. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 24 mai 2024)

Dr Antoine Guillon - Flagellin-based antibacterial strategy and clinical perspectives

Réalisation : 25 septembre 2020 - Mise en ligne : 29 septembre 2020
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Bacterial pneumonia is a leading cause ofmorbidity and mortality worldwide. Antibiotics constitute the standard of carebut are faced with the emergence of antimicrobial resistance and the curativefailure. Targeting the innate immune system is an underexploited area of drugdiscovery for infectious diseases. The JC Sirard’s research team (Lille, Fr)has demonstrated that the respiratory tract administration of a Toll-likereceptor 5 agonist (the immunomodulatory flagellin) activates innate immunityin the lung airway epithelium and enhances the therapeutic outcome (relative tolow doses of antibiotic alone) in the context of pneumonia caused byantibiotic-susceptible S. pneumoniae,in the mouse. The presentation will describe a European consortium (FAIRproject) which plans to bridge experimental data to human trial by developing aTLR-agonist as nebulized adjunct therapy approach. If this adjunct therapyapproach can ultimately be translated into humans and extended to otherbacterial pathogens (especially antibiotic-resistant bacteria) and variousclasses of antibiotics, the treatment of pneumonia would be transformed.


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