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Table ronde "Contemporary Western FIlm Studies"

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Table ronde "Contemporary Western FIlm Studies"

Roundtable on Contemporary Western Film Studies

Chair: Hervé Mayer, Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3

With, from left to right, Matthew Carter (Manchester Metropolitan University), Andrew Patrick Nelson (Montana State University), Marek Paryz (University of Warsaw), Jesús Ángel González (Universidad de Cantabria) and Fareed Ben-Youssef (New York University Shanghai)

 Areas of inquiry include:

(1) The Western as transnational genre:

What does the concept of transnationalism bring to the study of the Western genre? Which areas of Western Film Studies have been approached through this concept and can it be applied to new avenues of research?

What is the specificity of American Westerns compared with non-American productions? Are other labels (cinema of exploration, settler-colonial cinema) more suited to approach the genre in its transnational dimension?

How can we account for the centrality of the Western as a genre to explore transnational coloniality?

How does the reception of the Western genre vary depending on the country or region? And how do you explain such difference?

(2)  Transnational research on the Western

Are there national critical and scholarship specificities in reading the Western genre? 

What are the most promising critical perspectives emerging about the genre?



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