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Demos about SPARQL

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CORBY Olivier

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Demos about SPARQL

Flint, a SPARQL Query Editor

Editors are now available for SPARQL. We present the Flint structured editor which provides syntactic coloration. The editor proposes SPARQL keywords according to the context where you are in the query and guides the user, for example when writing prefixes.

+ 3 more demos  :

Corese : execute SPARQL queries

The Corese software, developped in the Wimmics team, implements RDF, RDFS, SPARQL 1.1 and enables users to execute SPARQL queries on RDF data.

Gephi and Corese to analyse data on the Web

Gephi and Corese combined to visualize graphs

While integrating CORESE and the  Gephi graph platform, Inria enabled this last one to query the Semantic Web to obtain and visualize data. This demo shows how the  "Semantic Web Import" plugin enabled us to integrate CORESE and Gephi to obtain and visualize linguistic links between most populated places in the world.

QAKIS : A question-answering service

QAKIS is a question answering service over the linked data of several DBpedia chapters (i.e. from several languages: English, French, German). It allows you to formulate a query in English and obtain a answer directly from the knowledge graph of DBpedia. To do this, QAKIS implements a method to translate a simple English question into a SPARQL query.

    Date de réalisation : 8 Septembre 2016
    Durée du programme : 2 min
    Classification Dewey : Internet
    Catégorie : Vidéocours
    Niveau : niveau Licence (LMD)
    Disciplines : Informatique, Informatique
    Collections : 3. SPARQL Query Language
    ficheLom : Voir la fiche LOM
    Auteur(s) : GANDON Fabien, FARON ZUCKER Catherine, CORBY Olivier
    Langue : Anglais
    Mots-clés : SPARQL, Flint, Corese, semantic web, web of data, démos, Gephi, QAKIS
    Conditions d’utilisation / Copyright : Unless otherwise specified, the course material is provided under the Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND: the name of the author should always be mentioned; the user can exploit the work except in a commercial context; and he or she cannot make changes to the original work.


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