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Fabien Gandon (Intervention), Catherine Faron (Intervention), Olivier Corby (Intervention)
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Fabien Gandon, Catherine Faron, Olivier Corby. Inria. (2016, 8 septembre). Demos about The RDF Data Model , in 2. The RDF Data Model. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 16 juin 2024)

Demos about The RDF Data Model

Réalisation : 8 septembre 2016 - Mise en ligne : 13 novembre 2018
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Validating and translating RDF data

The W3C RDF validation service checks the validity of RDF statements in the RDF/XML syntax and, in the case where these statements are valid, it displays the list of the parsed triples and the graph composed by these triples.

RDF Translator checks the validity of RDF statements in any of the RDF syntaxes and, in the case where these statements are valid, it translates them into any other chosen RDF syntax.

+ 1 more demo :

Visual RDF : visualization of RDF graphs

Visual RDF is a Web service and a Javascript library enabling to visualize and manipulate RDF data in the form of graphs.


Back on DBpedia

Now that you are familiar with RDF, let us go back on the Web of Data to observe it in the wild, and let us start with DBpedia:

    1. Here is the DBpedia page for Sophia Antipolis area:
    2. This page describes the resource identified by the URI
    3. At the bottom of the page, several links enable to access data, in particular RDF data (in N-Triples N3/Turtle JSON XML formats)
    4. The link towards the data in RDF/XML format is a redirection to the file that you can view or download to study its content.
    5. You can also give it to Visual RDF to visualize its content as a graph. For instance:

    Sophia Antipolis sur DBpedia

  • Back on the BBC Site

    Last week, we used a trick from the BBC which consisted in adding the extension  ".rdf" to the URI of some HTML pages to access the corresponding RDF data.

    For instance, for the Great White Shark:

    When browsing the RDF description of the Great White Shark from the BBC, you will find a link to its description on DBpedia:"/>

    This excerpt of RDF data shows that the BBC applies the principles of the Web of Data up to the highest level (five stars) by linking its data to other sources from the Web of Data and, by doing so, enables to discover, browse and integrate these other RDF data sources.

  • And Many Other Data Sources...

    There are many other data sources on the Web. For instance, you can consult Victor Hugo's description…
    … in HTML at the BNF
    … in RDF at the BNF
    … in HTML at the Library of Congress
    … in RDF at the Library of Congress

    But you can consult data on protein "Leukocyte surface antigen CD53" in the mouse as well …

    … in HTML
    … in RDF


  • Visual RDF : visualization of RDF graphs

    visualization of RDF graphs Visual RDF is a Web service and a Javascript library enabling to visualize and manipulate RDF data in the form of graphs.

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