New data about the human occupation, environmental history, landscape changes in Pyrenees / Emengol Gassiot

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The Excava project : new data about the human occupation, environmental history and landscape changes in southern Pyrenees. Emengol GASSIOT BALLBE. In "La construction des territoires montagnards : exploitation des ressources et mobilité des pratiques", 2e International Workshop on archaeology of european mountain landscape, organisé par les laboratoires GEODE, FRAMESPA, GEOLAB et Chrono-Environnement. Université Toulouse 2-Le Mirail, 8-11 octobre 2009. [seconde journée]

Recent multidisciplinary researches in western Catalan Pyrenees have provided abundant data on the human occupation and the environmental history that permit state some models about the landscape changes and the factors involved in. Surface archaeological surveys permitted to document hundreds of evidences of past occupation of alpine and subalpine areas since the beginning of the Holocene until the present. The extensive archaeological diggings of the "Sardo Cave" and "Estany de la Coveta Rockshelter" confirm the intensive middle and recent Neolithic occupations (5500 to 4400 calBP) showed by the absolute dating of many sites. This paper summarizes these archaeological data and confronts them with the paleoecological evidence provided by the sedimentary cores of "Estany de la Coma de Burg" and "València d’Àneu". The agreements and disagreements of the two kinds of evidences are discussed in order to understand the past models of human settlement and exploitation of high mountain Pyrenean environments and their changes trough the time.

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Jean JIMENEZ (Réalisation), Université Toulouse II-Le Mirail SCPAM (Production), Ermengol Gassiot Ballbè (Intervenant)
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