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Prof. Pieter Hiemstra - Antimicrobial Host Defence Peptides: Immunomodulatory Functions and Translational Prospects

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Prof. Pieter Hiemstra - Antimicrobial Host Defence Peptides: Immunomodulatory Functions and Translational Prospects

Antimicrobial host defence peptides (AMPs) are effector molecules of the immune system. AMPs are considered as possible alternatives to conventional antibiotics for the treatment of respiratory infections, which is increasingly complicated by the problem of microbial antibiotic resistance. AMPs are also referred to as antimicrobial peptides and host defence peptides, and many AMPs were discovered based on their antimicrobial activity against a range of micro-organisms. However, they also display other activities that are relevant for host defence, including activities related to immune modulation and wound repair. Application of AMPs (and improved substitutes of these peptides) as a treatment for respiratory infections has been studied for some time, but they have not yet been introduced into the clinic. Direct administration of AMPs is complicated by e.g. cost of production and short half-life, and alternative strategies are considered. These include enhancement of their local production and activity. Nevertheless, there are a number of properties that make these peptides attractive candidates, including their broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity (possibly also including anti-SARS-CoV-2 activity), activity against multidrug resistant micro-organisms, and wide range of activities. In this presentation, recent developments in research on the role of these peptides in the lung, as well as their clinical use in novel therapies will be discussed.

    Date de réalisation : 24 Septembre 2020
    Durée du programme : 31 min
    Classification Dewey : Maladies des poumons (hypertension artérielle pulmonaire, hypertension pulmonaire, maladie obstructive respiratoire chronique, maladies respiratoires, ouvrages généraux sur les maladies des bronches et des poumons)
    Catégorie : Conférences
    Niveau : Tous niveaux médicaux
    Disciplines : Clinique médicale
    Collections : LE STUDIUM Conference, Novel host- and microbiota-directed strategies for treating respiratory infections - 24 & 25 September 2020
    ficheLom : Voir la fiche LOM
    Langue : Anglais
    Mots-clés : peptide, immunologie


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