Dr Cédric Neveu - Investigating anthelmintic molecular targets of Ascarids using C. elegans as a model: pros and cons

Réalisation : 30 novembre 2021 Mise en ligne : 30 novembre 2021
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Despite their large diversity, most of the nematode species are susceptible to broad spectrum anthelmintics. In that respect, it is tempting to speculate that extensive C. elegans data about molecular anthelmintic targets could lay strong basis to investigate their counterparts in phylogenetically distantly related nematode species such as Ascarids.In the present talk, Parascaris univalens studies focussing on Morantel and macrocyclic lactones pharmacological targets will be used as examples to highlight some limitation of C. elegans as a model for Ascarids. Potential alternatives to C. elegans and new prospects concerning the adaptation (to Ascarids) of recently developed technologies for both drug screening and drug resistance monitoring will be presented.<div>


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