Dr Friederike Ebner - Current challenges of vaccine development against Ascaris

Réalisation : 1 décembre 2021 Mise en ligne : 1 décembre 2021
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For more than half a century, scientists have been looking for prevention strategies against Ascarids, however, we still lack fully effective vaccines to protect both humans and veterinary species. The hurdles are rather obvious and include the typical parasite problems of tissue migration, immune modulation and immune evasion strategies, antigen diversity and also polymorphisms but most importantly, we only begin to understand how the immune system targets and eliminates the roundworms. These challenges together with rather disappointing results from single antigen vaccines point towards more synergistic approaches. Recent advances in Ascaris ‘omics’ as well as new vaccine platforms will play an important role in Ascaris vaccine development and need to be integrated into mechanism-based strategies that focus on the vulnerable tissue-migrating larvae and takes into account the necessity of promoting both adaptive and innate effector cells.


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