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Univ Bordeaux. (2020, 10 décembre). Imaging and Nanomedecine , in Imaging The Future. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 21 juillet 2024)

Imaging and Nanomedecine

Réalisation : 10 décembre 2020 - Mise en ligne : 7 janvier 2021
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Over the past ten years, Bio-Imaging translational research has experienced an unprecedented expansion:  ten years of challenges, collaborations, success stories and significant advances, thanks to the combination of various approaches and disciplines.

To celebrate  the anniversary of the LabEx TRAIL the community organizes a special online event mixing videos and live sessions with to-notch scientists.

Imaging the future is the occasion for specialists of the bio-imaging field and more broadly for the whole academic community to take part in a discussion about the science of tomorrow.

Moderatedby Carlos Perezmedina, this round table is an opportunity for exchanges onmolecular imaging and nanomedecine.


Carlos Perez Medina, Healthscientist, Spanish National Centre for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC)

David Cormode, Associate Professor,Radiology Department, University of Pennsylvania

Salim Si-Mohamed, MD, PhD, Hôpitalcardiologique Louis Pradel, CREATIS, Claude Bernard Lyon1 University 

Philippe Douek, Professor ofRadiology, Hôpital cardiologique Louis Pradel, CREATIS, Claude BernardLyon 1 University 

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