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CIRP 2018

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BIGÉ Romain

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CIRP 2018

A research paradigm is defined by different aspects: its ontology, epistemology and methodology. The realities that Contact Improvisation brings forth, how knowledge is constructed and shared, and the methods and practices that can be used, underlie the meeting at all levels, from the structure (how it was organised), to the practices and questions addressed. CIRP is not a festival, not a symposium, not a conference, yet with elements of all of those. It’s a meeting of theory and practice, with the emphasis on the later. Rather than simply being about improvisation, it was also the event itself that was being improvised.
The guiding theme of the meeting will be “improvising the body”: how the practice of improvisation is a tool for rethinking, reimagining, reshaping or informing the notion or concept of body (understood both literally and metaphorically as in ‘body of knowledge’). This experimentation welcomes research interest from all areas of science, humanities, the arts and philosophy, and was not necessarily placed in an academic context.



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