Carrying the Feeling

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Carrying the Feeling explores autistic Lucy Blackman’s use of “carrying” as an expressive force in herwriting. Continuing to delve into what I have called autistic perception theforce of perception that doesn’tyet parse out the environment but attends to the emergent qualities of an environmentality in act inthispaper I explore how else we might think conceptssuch as volition, intentionality and agency. Of particular interest here is the concept of facilitation, and theimprovisatory nature of what I call a “facilitation of facilitation.” If carrying is a force that already composeswith language, perhaps there is a productive way to consider an environmentally propulsive concept ofagencement as operator in experience rather than the ubiquitous firstpersonaccount of agency?Challenging what I call “neurotypicality as first identity politics,” I propose to open up a discussion of whereelse a conversation of relation might begin.


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