Alexandra Aikhenvald (Central Queensland University), The Web of knowledge: Evidentiality at the crossroads

Réalisation : 10 juin 2021 Mise en ligne : 10 juin 2021
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Knowledge can be expressed in language using a plethora of grammaticalmeans. Four major groups of meanings related to knowledge are Evidentiality:grammatical expression of information source; Egophoricity: grammaticalexpression of access to knowledge; Mirativity: grammatical expression ofexpectation of knowledge; and Epistemic modality: grammatical expression ofattitude to knowledge. The four groups of categories interact. Some developovertones of the others. Evidentials stand apart from other means in many ways,including their correlations with speech genres and social environment. Thisessay presents a framework which connects the expression of knowledge acrossthe world's languages in a coherent way, showing their dependencies andcomplexities, and pathways of historical development in various scenarios,including language obsolescence.



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