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EMMA. (2021, 10 juin). Pr. Bernd Heine (Köln University), "The grammar of interactives: The challenge of discourse" , in Evidentiality And Modality : at The Crossroads Of Grammar And Lexicon. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 20 juillet 2024)

Pr. Bernd Heine (Köln University), "The grammar of interactives: The challenge of discourse"

Réalisation : 10 juin 2021 - Mise en ligne : 22 septembre 2021
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Most work on grammatical analysis has focused on thestructure of clauses and sentences organized in a propositional format. Work ondiscourse processing and the organization of texts suggests, however, thatthere are many linguistic phenomena that are elusive to a description in termsof ‘sentence grammar’. A number of frameworks, commonly known as ‘dual processmodels’ (e.g., Evans and Stanovich, 2013; Heine, 2019), have been proposed to accountfor such phenomena and their psychological and neurolinguistic correlates(e.g., Marini et al., 2005; Haselow, 2019).

Based on this line of research, the present paperargues that there is crosslinguistically a pool of linguistic expressions thatappear to be anchored immediately in the situation of discourse rather than inthe syntactic or semantic structure of sentences. These expressions, referredto as ‘interactives’, include interjections, ideophones, discourse markers,social formulae, as well as a number of types of linguistic forms. The goal ofthe paper is to define these expressions as a grammatical category distinctfrom other linguistic categories.


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