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François Rechenmann. Inria. (2015, 5 février). 2.1. The sequence as a model of DNA , in 2. Genes and proteins. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 14 juillet 2024)

2.1. The sequence as a model of DNA

Réalisation : 5 février 2015 - Mise en ligne : 9 mai 2017
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Welcome back to our course on genomes and algorithms that is a computer analysis ofgenetic information.Last week we introduced the very basic concept in biology that is cell, DNA, genome, genes,proteins and this week we will concentrate on these last two concepts, that is genes and proteins and we will see how proteins are coded by genes and what is the process of translating genes into proteins. Then we will design some algorithms for this translation. But first let's come back on the idea that the sequence, that is the string of characters returning these four letters of the alphabet A, C, G and T is a model of DNA. Is the sequence a good model of DNA? Well, object, it's organized in chromosomes,plasmids, segments and so on. It is compacted within the cellin the nucleus, in the case of eukaryotic cells or directly in the cytoplasm in the case of bacterial cells orprokaryotic cells. This molecule may also be alteredthrough interaction with all the molecules, for example, mutilationand this may be important for the role of DNA into the cell. So again, is the sequence, asequence of characters, which is our computer science subject,is the sequence of characters a good model of DNA whichis a biophysical object? What is a good model? An exact and complete model, certainly not, no model is an exact representation of its object.


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