Miloš Vec - How to Write a History of Western International Law?

Réalisation : 15 septembre 2021 Mise en ligne : 15 septembre 2021
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My presentation focuses on somehistoriographical challenges which I face as the co-editor of the CUP volume on“Western International Law, 1776 – c.1870” (edited together with Prof. PaulinaStarski). Evidently, the volume’s title “Western International Law, 1776 – ca.1870” is demanding. It expects to treat the subject as a regional, in partslocal, but very influential variation of a plurality of global normativesystems. However, what exactly is “Western” about it and which methods andapproaches are suited best to offer convincing explanations? Writing about“Western” international law always evokes the question of the others, but whatabout the plurality within the “West”? The aim of this talk is to explore thehistoriographic, geographic and political boundaries related with thesequestions. In terms of historical sources, we would like to go beyond the usualsuspects of printed and unprinted texts, but to include visual sources andartefacts. This poses new practical and theoretical challenges that need to be addressed.The presentation will be problem-oriented and won’t try to give definiteanswers to the raised questions.



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