How prosody helps infants and children to break into communication

Durée : 01:03:07 -Réalisation : 20 mai 2021 -Mise en ligne : 20 mai 2021
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The talk will present four sets of studies with young infants and children to show who prosody helps them learn about different aspects of language, from learning basic word order through understanding focus to decoding emotional valence. The sets of studies are losely connected, but common to them is how prosody, an overaching feature of language, already encountered prenatally in the womb and manifesting in newborns' communicative cries, helps infants break into language and guides them through different developmental steps from grammar to communication.

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Judit Gervain (Intervenant)
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Judit Gervain. LLF. (2021, 20 mai). How prosody helps infants and children to break into communication. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 28 mars 2023)

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