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Serge BLERALD (Réalisation), Direction de l'Image et de l'Audiovisuel de l'EHESS (Production), Luc Foisneau (Intervention), Gabriel Wollner (Intervention)
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DOI : 10.60527/m6qw-c126
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Luc Foisneau, Gabriel Wollner. EHESS. (2019, 14 janvier). Sovereign debt and default : Interview with Gabriel Wollner , in Séminaire de philosophie politique normative. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. https://doi.org/10.60527/m6qw-c126. (Consultée le 17 juillet 2024)

Sovereign debt and default : Interview with Gabriel Wollner

Réalisation : 14 janvier 2019 - Mise en ligne : 22 février 2019
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Interview conducted by Luc Foisneau

Sovereign debt and default : a political philosophical perspective
In this interview, Luc Foisneau and Gabriel Wollner pursue four themes. First, they discusses the existing practice of dealing with sovereign default and high public indebtedness and Gabriel Wollner argues that the status quo ought to be replaced with an alternative regime. Second, they explore how the contractualist complaint model can be applied when it comes to choosing between different policy options and institutions in the realm of international financial governance. Third, they consider how political philosophy matters to Thomas Piketty's discussion of inequality. And finally, Gabriel Wollner outlines what a research program of analytical anarchism, building on the notion of agency as central for both Socialism and Anarchism, might look like.


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