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Egalitarianism and Consequentialism : Interview with Samuel Scheffler

Réalisation : 11 juin 2019 - Mise en ligne : 11 juin 2019
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Samuel Scheffler is University Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the School of Law at New York University. He received his B.A. from Harvard and his Ph.D. from Princeton. He taught at Berkeley from 1977 to 2008, before moving to NYU. He works primarily in the areas of moral and political philosophy and the theory of value. His writings have addressed central questions in ethical theory, and he has also written on topics as diverse as equality, nationalism and cosmopolitanism, toleration, terrorism, immigration, tradition, and the moral significance of personal relationships. He is the author of six books: The Rejection of Consequentialism, Human Morality, Boundaries and Allegiances, Equality and Tradition, Death and the Afterlife (Niko Kolodny ed.), and, most recently, Why Worry about Future Generations? He was invited to the EHESS on the 11th June 2019 to present a paper on “Membership and Political Obligation” at the CESPRA Séminaire de Philosophie Politique Normative. This interview was conducted prior to the seminar by Luc Foisneau (CNRS director of research) and Véronique Munoz-Dardé (UCL/Berkeley). On the 13 th of June, Samuel Scheffler also participated in a workshop at the EHESS on “Egalitarianism and Consequentialism: On the Philosophy of Samuel Scheffler.”


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