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Yanet Hernandez (Montage), Daniel Stoekl (Intervention)
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Daniel Stoekl. ENC. (2022, 24 juin). 2.2 : From HTR to Critical Edition: A Semi-Automatic Pipeline , in Documents anciens et reconnaissance automatique des écritures manuscrites. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 28 mai 2024)

2.2 : From HTR to Critical Edition: A Semi-Automatic Pipeline

Réalisation : 24 juin 2022 - Mise en ligne : 6 octobre 2022
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par Daniel Stoekl Ben Ezra

This paper describes a pipeline for the creation of critical editions of literary texts from manually corrected HTR results of distinct manuscripts as prepared in the Sofer Mahir project. The Sofer Mahir project produces manually corrected transcriptions of 16 large medieval Hebrew codexes of all six main works of Tannaitic Rabbinic literature, redacted in the third or perhaps fourth century CE in Galilee. These works comprise Mishnah (~200k tokens), Tosefta (~300k tokens), Mekhilta deRabbi Yishmael (~80k tokens), Sifra (~120k tokens), Sifre Numbers (~60k tokens) and Sifre Deuteronomy (~60k tokens). Each work is extant in between 3 (Mishnah and Tosefta) to 5 witnesses (all others).


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