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François Rechenmann. Inria. (2015, 5 février). 5.7. The application domains in microbiology , in 5. Phylogenetic trees. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 24 juillet 2024)

5.7. The application domains in microbiology

Réalisation : 5 février 2015 - Mise en ligne : 9 mai 2017
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Bioinformatics relies on many domains of mathematics and computer science. Of course, algorithms themselves on character strings are important in bioinformatics, we have seen them. Algorithms and trees, for example,for reconstructing phylogenetic trees, algorithms on networks toreconstruct gene interaction networks, metabolic networks and maybe to simulate the dynamics of the time. We have seen also the implicationof probability and statistics. The implication of optimizationmethods, for example, for the computation of the optimalalignment of a pair of sequences. Constraint satisfaction is used forpredicting molecule structure. Automata and formal grammarswhich are some exotic parts of computer science are also usefulin bioinformatics, the same for signal processing. And soother domains may be listed here. We also have to understand that designing an algorithm is something but implementing the algorithm asa working software is another part of the story. So after the algorithm design, we have to think in terms of software development,in terms of user interfaces and especially for data visualization and of course in terms of database, conception design and maintenance. This software and database are the tools which can be used in various application domainsof bioinformatics.


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