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3.5. Making the predictions more reliable

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3.5. Making the predictions more reliable

We have got a bacterial gene predictor but the way this predictor works is rather crude and if we want to have more reliable results, we have to inject into this algorithmmore biological knowledge. We will use a notion of RBS, RBS stands for Ribosome Binding Sites. What is it? OK. Let's have a look atthe cell machinery or part of it here. You certainly see here that wedeal with a eukaryotes cell. Why? It's because you have anucleus and you remember that the difference between prokaryoticcell and eukaryotic cell lies n the existence of a nucleus. Within the nucleus you have the DNA. The DNA is transcribed into RNA,OK this is well understood, which goes out of the nucleus and there in the cytoplasm it can be read by a large moleculewhich is called the ribosome. It is within the ribosome that the translation of INA into a protein takes place, the ribosome. The ribosome has to be fixed to the DNA to initiate the translation. The place where this fixation takes placeis named the Ribosome Binding Site. It is a part of the RNA sequence,so the idea here will be to say ‘Well the main problem inpredicting the coding region with our algorithm lies in the fact that we tend to always take as a start codon the left most codonso that the predicting coding region is of a maximum length.

    Label UNT : UNIT
    Date de réalisation : 5 Février 2015
    Lieu de réalisation : Grenoble
    Durée du programme : 5 min
    Classification Dewey : biologie application informatique
    Catégorie : Vidéocours
    Niveau : 1er cycle, 2ieme cycle
    Disciplines : Biologie cellulaire, Informatique, Informatique, Mathématiques et informatique
    Collections : 3. Gene prediction
    ficheLom : Voir la fiche LOM
    Auteur(s) : RECHENMANN Francois
    Langue : Anglais
    Mots-clés : DNA, Genome, algorithm, cell, bioinformatics
    Conditions d’utilisation / Copyright : Ces ressources de cours sont, sauf mention contraire, diffusées sous Licence Creative Commons. L’utilisateur doit mentionner le nom de l’auteur, il peut exploiter l’œuvre sauf dans un contexte commercial et il ne peut apporter de modifications à l’œuvre originale.


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