Andras Vasy - Microlocal analysis and wave propagation (Part 1)

Réalisation : 16 juin 2014 Mise en ligne : 16 juin 2014
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In these lectures I will explain the basics of microlocal analysis, emphasizing non elliptic problems, such as wave propagation, both on manifolds without boundary, and on manifolds with boundary. In the latter case there is no `standard' algebra of differential, or pseudodifferential, operators; I will discuss two important frameworks: Melrose's totally characteristic, or b, operators and scattering operators. Apart from the algebraic and mapping properties, I will discuss microlocal ellipticity, real principal type propagation, radial points and generalizations, as well as normally hyperbolic trapping. The applications discussed will include Fredholm frameworks (which are thus global even for non elliptic problems!) for the Laplacian on asymptotically hyperbolic spaces and the wave operator on asymptotically de Sitter spaces, scattering theory for `scattering metrics' (such as the `large ends' of cones), wave propagation on asymptotically Minkowski spaces and generalizations (`Lorentzian scattering metrics') and on Kerr de Sitter type spaces. The lectures concentrate on linear PDE, but time permitting I will briefly discuss nonlinear versions. The lecture by the speaker in the final workshop will use these results to solve quasilinear wave equations globally, including describing the asymptotic behavior of solutions, on Kerr de Sitter spaces.

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