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FAO/WHO Sustainable healthy diets- Guiding principles

Réalisation : 23 septembre 2021 - Mise en ligne : 28 octobre 2022
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Fatima Hachem (Senior Nutrition Officer, FAO) presents the FAO/WHO sustainable health diets guiding principles, from her team leader of the group working on nutrition education and consumer awareness perspective.

She reminds that malnutrition and sustainable food consumption and production as major challenges of the 21st century. She explains what the FAO/WHO sustainable healthy diets guiding principles mean, shows a few examples of actions coming from the food systems that are important for the transitioning towards sustainable healthy diets.

In order to make our diets healthy and sustainable, WHO and FAO came together in 2019, and worked with a group of experts to characterize and define sustainable healthy diets. They proposed 16 guiding principles that need to be respected in order for the diets to be sustainable and healthy: 8 principles on health, 5 principles on the environmental aspect and 3 principles on the socio cultural aspect.



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