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Systems approaches to food production and supply

Réalisation : 5 octobre 2021 - Mise en ligne : 4 novembre 2022
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Florence Tartanac (Senior officer, market linkages and value chains groups, FAO) looks at the definition of food systems and their role in providing a fair livelihood for the world's population.

Within the food system, agriculture is the world's largest employer, supporting 40% of the world's population. In Africa, this figure rises to 70%. But the distribution of value along food supply chains is unfair, especially for certain population groups. Current practices and norms stand in the way of equitable livelihoods.

Florence Tartanac explains how multiple entry strategies to preserve and develop agrobiodiversity can improve the sustainability for healthy food supply chain. She also gives examples of interventions that preserve nutritional quality at all stages of the supply chain, including a 'nutrition-sensitive value chain' approach.


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