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Maria Antonia Guillermo-Tuazon (Intervention), Corné Van Dooren (Intervention)
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Institut agro Montpellier
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Maria Antonia Guillermo-Tuazon, Corné Van Dooren. Canal-uved. (2021, 5 octobre). From data to impact – Tools for gathering information and taking decisions. A word from the experts. , in Nutrition and Food systems. [Vidéo]. Canal-U. (Consultée le 21 février 2024)

From data to impact – Tools for gathering information and taking decisions. A word from the experts.

Réalisation : 5 octobre 2021 - Mise en ligne : 10 novembre 2022
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Interview with Maria Antonia Guillermo-Tuazon (Nutrition and Food Systems Officer, FAO) and Corné van Dooren (World Wildlife Fund Netherlands).

It is explained why indicators of dietary consumption and food diversity are used to monitor and evaluate the effects of interventions rather than stunting or wasting rates: interventions will have an impact on food consumption before the nutritional impact. Dietary indicators can also provide early warning signs of impending malnutrition in various forms.

Secondly, possibilities offered by new technologies to improve the collection and analysis of dietary data are mentioned, in particular by means of tablets or smartphones, or via telephone interviews; the possible modalities are diverse.

A question is raised about new dietary assessment tools in relation to systemic issues: dietary data, in combination with other indicators or variables, can shed light on the causes of unhealthy diets when looking at the different components of the food system.

The use of tools (advantages, disadvantages) for linear programming in the cost of the diet is also reviewed. These tools can be intelligently complemented by: adding additional rules; looking for synergies between health and sustainability; developing a theory of change.

Experiences show how far it is possible to go to make changes towards a more sustainable diet acceptable to consumers.

Pricing policies, including fiscal policies, can be effective in supporting these changes.


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